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    Kiểm tra giữa kỳ anh văn chuyên ngành và dạng đề


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    Kiểm tra giữa kỳ anh văn chuyên ngành và dạng đề

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    Tổng số bài gửi : 13
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    Đề kiểm tra giữa kỳ lớp 36.5

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    I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:
    1. If the payment is not authorized, the customer has to find another way to pay...goods.
    --A. To/B. in/C. by/D. for
    2. I lent her the money...my own risk.
    --A. At/B.with/C. by/D. on
    3. Merchant banks or other organization could be interested in...venture capital.
    --A. At/B. investor/C. investment/D. investing
    4. A cardholder should report the...of a card to the card company immediately.
    --A. Lose/B. lost/C. loss /D. losing
    5. Another way to making regular payment is to authorize the... to draw the money by direct debit.
    --A. Creditor/B. debtor/C. payer/D. borrower
    6. In Britain the clearing system is...by the Clearing House in London.
    --A. Reconciled/B. Circulated/C. accepted/D. operated
    7. She...the cheques in her account.
    --A. Placed/B. put/C.paid/D.deposited
    8.The banks is...a minimum of 8 per cent for the loan.
    --A.Providing/B. giving/C. charging/ D. requesting
    9. With a bank card, the customer's bank guarantees payment...a limit, say $10 or $100.
    --A. Down/B. up to/C. along with/D. until
    10. Credit cards are convenient because it's possible to buy an air tickets... the telephone by giving the number of your credit card... travel agent.
    --A. Over_to/B. on_to/C. by_with/D. over_with
    II. Translate the followings into Vietnamese.
    1. Competition forces suppliers to provide credit for the customers.
    2. The cost of credit cards is added to the price of goods.
    3. Plastic money is the name given to all types of plastic card which are used in the place of cash.
    4. Payment by cheques is very convenient because there's an efficient clearing system.
    5. The financial services industry was deregulated(bãi bỏ quy định)in 1980s: lots of goverment controls were removed to make the market freer and more efficient.
    III. Vietnamese_English translation.
    1. Nhiều nước trên thế giới đều có một ngân hàng trung ương, nơi có thể cung cấp những dịch vụ tài chính cho chính phủ và cho toàn bộ hệ thống ngân hàng.
    2. Ngân hàng trung ương phải chịu trách nhiệm về những chính sách tiền tệ của đất nước đó.
    3. Ngân hàng thu lợi từ tỉ lệ chênh lệch.
    4. Thị trường tiền tệ bao gồm một mạng lưới các doanh nghiệp, tổ chức tài chính, nhà đầu tư, và chính phủ, là những nơi cần mược hoặc đầy tư nguồn vốn ngân hàng.
    5. Những khoản vay phải được thanh toán với lãi suất.
    IV. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
    Commission/bonus/currency/earn/mortgage/tax/overtime/pension/rent/salary/social security
    1. After I lost my job, I was living on social security for three months. This was difficult, because the amount was much lower than the salary I had before.
    2. I used to work as a saleperson, but I wasn't very successful, so I didn't earn much commission.
    3. If the company makes 10% more than last year, we'll all get a bonus at the end of the year.
    4. It'll take me at least 25 years to repay the mortgage on my house.
    5. Many European countries now have the same currency, the euro.
    6. My wages aren't very good, so I do a lot of overtime.
    7. Nearly 40% of everything I earn goes to the government as tax.
    8. The owner has just increased the rent on our flat by 15%.
    9. When I retire, my pension will be 60% of my final salary.
    PLASTIC MONEY(Tiền nhựa)
    Plastic money is the name given to all types of plastic card which aer used in place of cash. There are different names for these cards but in general they have two main purpose: people to obtain cash; to make payments without using cash or cheques.
    Bank now make available to their customer a single card which does three things: it guarantees cheques; it obtains cash from ATMs; and it pays for goods by electronic fund transfer at point of sale.
    A fourth use for plastic cards is to give customers credit when they purchase goods or services. Credit cards are issued by credit card companies such as Access, Mastercard, Visa, American Express. Some of these are owned by banks. Charge cards (American Express, Diner's Club) are similar to credit cards except that the holder has to pay the account in full each month and there is also an annual membership fee.
    Debit cards are like credit cards except that they are used to debit money to the customer's bank account when a purchase is made. An exiting credit balance is reduced. But when a credit card is used, a debit balance is increased.
    The latest development in plastic money is the Smart Card. This carries a microchip on it with account information on the holder. It can also carry information about previous transaction which can be viewed at enquiry terminals. Clearly such as a card also be used to carry non-smoking information, such as medical and other personal details.

    TRUE(T)or FALSE(F)
    A. All plastic money is used for making payments or getting cash. F
    B. It's possible to combine a bank card, cash card and electronic payment card all in one card. T
    C. All plastic money can be used to obtain cash. T
    D. You have to pay an amount of money yearly with a charge card. T
    E. You cannot use a plastic card for a purchase. F
    F. We can find many kinds of information about the cardholder with a Smartcard. T


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